Felinton Inc. Entertainment (Film) is dedicated to fostering local talent from Appalachia, providing opportunities for artists, casts, and crew members to thrive in the entertainment industry. Through our diverse film catalog, we amplify voices and celebrate unique perspectives, inviting audiences to explore the richness of Appalachian life and creativity. To see our full film catalog click here.

Felinton Inc. Film Awards


The Drop


Time Junction


Other Projects

DB Productions

DB Productions is a comedy branch of Felinton Inc. Entertainment (Film).

Project FINC

Project FINC is a experimental branch of Felinton Inc. Entertainment (Film).

The FGSA Channel

The Free Green Screen Animation channel is a platform for all creators to use free uploaded green screen assets from Felinton Incorporated.

Vintage Features

Vintage Features is designed to serve as a repository for classic films, advertisements, and various types of visual entertainment from the past.